How it works?

The Magic baby formula maker makes a warm baby formula bottle in seconds. Select the formula concentration, the bottle temperature and the number of millilitres and press start. The concentration number indicates the formula to water ratio, this is not the amount of grams. It is important to use the correct setting, there is a difference per formula brand, depending on the composition.

You can search for the correct formula concentration HERE. Can't find your brand in the list? Please CLICK HERE and share the brand information with us. We will get back to you with the right concentration within 24 hours.

Your Magic baby formula maker is designed to evenly mix formula and water. Some formulas, especially hypoallergenic types, may be more difficult to mix. For this reason we always recommend checking the funnel and bottle for clumps.

Step by step:

Step 01:

Find the temperature and millilitres on the baby formula packaging. Look up the concentration for your baby formula brand on our website.

Write down the full name of your formula brand or simply insert the bar-code number. If your formula is not in the system yet, we ask you to fill in this form. We need all the information from the packaging, including the grams per spoon, and your baby's weight.

Step 02:

Before using the machine, make sure the formula powder is within the minimum and maximum lines on the powder container. If the formula drops below the mid-line, it will not dispense properly.

Step 03:

Clean the Magic Baby Formula machine after every use. The machine will prompt you to clean the funnel to prevent formula buildup. Make sure to dry the machine properly.