About Us

Bambinies is a Dutch brand from Amsterdam founded by 2 fathers and an experienced e-commerce fanatic. Together we started Bambinies with the ambition to bring new and innovative products into the world of parenting. These days it is hard to be competitive within a rapidly changing world. We like to focus on high-quality, safe, and new products that add value to people’s lives.

Our first product, the ‘Magic baby formula maker’, is something we are very excited about. We know it will help a lot of young parents to make their lives easier and enable them to spend more time with their loved ones. Our aim will always be to offer high-quality products for an affordable price.

We're continually looking for the next best thing in parenting. As the world evolves, so does our inventory. We're committed to ensuring that Bambinies keeps moving along with the time, this is where we get the most excited about ourselves.

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