Frequently Asked Question

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Abnormal temperature

• Press the Water button on the panel before formula preparation.

• Adjust to higher water temperature manually.

Abnormal concentration

• Make sure the container is assembled correctly.

• Clean the funnel and other parts. 

• Check whether the concentration settings are correct.

No response on the panel

• Please try different click methods, such as long press and short press.

• Check the power supply and the switch.

• Please note that after pressing the Start, Water or Clean button, it takes 3-8 seconds to heat up.

• Check if panel indicators are flashing red.

Formula Powder remains in the container

• It is normal to find a little powder remaining around the hole.

• Clean and dry the container.

• Check if the container is assembled correctly.

Residual formula powder in the funnel

• It is normal to find a little powder remaining in the funnel.

• If excessive powder residue is found, verify whether the chosen concentration exceeds the recommended one. In doubt? Please reach out to us.

• Excessive humidity in the environment might result in powder remaining in the Funnel.

• A substantial temperature disparity between room temperature and water temperature can create steam, tHere is  pre-melting the powder.